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What is Ready for Life?

Ready for Life is a unique mental health resource just for the education community, supported by Teachers Life.

It features resources from leading mental health experts for educators who want to learn more about their own mental health as professionals, as well as in their role in championing the mental health and wellness of today’s youth.

We encourage you to join the community and check our site often.

Who is Ready for Life for?

Ready for Life was created for the whole education community, supported by Teachers Life. The resources found on the site speak to the unique challenges educators face when the classroom is also the workplace.

Ready for Life features resources from leading mental health experts for educators who want to learn more about their own mental health as professionals, as well as in their role in championing the mental health and wellness of today’s youth.

Who is Teachers Life?

Teachers Life is a federally regulated life insurance company and North America’s largest educator-owned fraternal insurer.

Founded in 1939, Teachers Life offers a full suite of personal insurance products to address the unique needs of the whole education community – educators, administrators, support staff and their families. Teachers Life is the first insurance provider in Canada to underwrite life insurance products online, in as little as 15 minutes.

As a not-for-profit fraternal insurer, community commitment is a core value for Teachers Life. We established Ready for Life as a unique mental health resource just for the education community. For more information, please visit best place order Finpecia.

Who writes the Ready for Life content?

The tools and resources found on Ready for Life are written by Teachers Life’s partners: the Canadian Mental Health Association, Children’s Mental Health Ontario and School Mental Health ASSIST. For more information on our partners, please visit our Finpecia 1 mg order onlinepage.

Where can I receive more information about mental health?

Please check this site often – we update our content regularly. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by signing up on our buy Finpecia online.

How can I contribute to the site or submit an event related to mental health?

We welcome your participation. If you have an article or event you would like to share, or if you would just like to provide feedback, please connect with us on our buy Finpecia online uk page.

I am having a mental health crisis. I need to speak with someone urgently

If this is an emergency,

  • Go to your hospital emergency department,
  • Call 911, or
  • Reach out to a crisis line.

If you are looking for medical advice, your general practitioner may be able to assist you or refer you to a qualified mental health care professional.

For a list of mental health centres, please visit our buy Finpecia online australia page.

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