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    10 Tips to Build Resilience for Teens

    From Resiliency for Teens: Bounce Back?, American Psychological Association Get Together. Talk with your friends and, yes, even with your parents. Understand that your parents may have more life experience than you do, even if it seems they never were your age. They may be afraid for you if you’re going through really tough times […] Read More
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    Resilience and Self-Regulation

    Resilience is the ability to not only cope and handle adversity, but to also be able to learn from it and adapt to life stressors and challenging life situations. There is no simple answer as to why one person is resilient and another has difficulty coping. What we do know is that it is a […] Read More
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    Promoting Student Mental Health and Well Being

    Mental health makes up an integral part of a person’s capacity to lead a fulfilling life, including the ability to form and maintain relationships, to work or pursue leisure activities and to make day-to-day decisions about education, employment, housing and other life choices. An essential piece of being an emotionally healthy person starts early with […] Read More
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    What Are General Symptoms of Mental Illness

    Often the first people who notice that an someone is having difficulties are those closest to the person – their family, teachers and peers. Sometimes the signs are subtle and emerge gradually. Other times signs can be quite dramatic and appear suddenly. Noticing the signs of mental illness is particularly difficult during the growing-up years, […] Read More
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    Stigma and Mental Illness in the Classroom

    The Mental Health Commission of Canada reports that 60% of people with a mental health problem or illness won’t seek help for fear of being labelled mentally ill. The Commission also says that “people living with mental health disorders often say the stigma they encounter is worse than the illness itself.” Sometimes people with a […] Read More
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    The ABCs of Mental Health

    Every day, teachers see worrisome behaviours in children and adolescents and seek resource materials to help them understand what’s going on with these kids and to learn effective approaches for helping them in the classroom. Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) offers resources on mental health for children and adolescents aged three to 18. Drawing on […] Read More

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